Death Be Thy Shepherd

by Reign of Fury

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Antonio JIMENEZ MEGIAS If I close my eyes I see the first days of Metallica, Slayer... This is Metal!!! Favorite track: Gates of Sanity.
Pete Drew
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Pete Drew Being from the same area as me it's always good to support local bands and these guys are probably the best Thrash band in the area if not the only Thrash band! They combined the styles of Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer with perfection. amazing riffs, soaring vocals and precision drumming makes this an amazing album! Favorite track: Hypnotise the Masses.
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released February 27, 2015

All tracks REIGN OF FURY
Recorded / Produced / Mixed ABATIS STUDIOS by Jon Priestley & Dave Cleaves
Mastered by Nico Decleve
Artwork by Matt Dixon / Andy Pilkington



all rights reserved


Reign of Fury Cheltenham, UK

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Track Name: Faustian Mastery
Our glowing eyes burn the darkness

Hell on earth (gangs)

A Faustian display to which you’ll all bear witness

A deadly swarm of broken promise

Hell on earth (gangs)

We claim this world as ours, stand up and be counted

We (gangs)

have returned

to piss upon your throne

We (gangs)

have returned

just like the phoenix

We (gangs)

will rise wings unbroken

We’re (gangs)

hell on earth, your dream destroyers

No time to smile at the dead weight

Hell on earth

Not ever insincere, never sycophantic

Submit your will to the fallen

Hell on earth

God’s infernality, which this world is built on

You will witness god

in our eyes

as we burn your whole world down

Bring forth the spoils and the riches

Hell on earth

Lets feast upon the flesh of the conquered for their weakness

I hear the demon choke on laughter

Hell on earth

Pride goes before the fall now stare into the chasm

We walk this earth as a sickness

Hell on earth

A drunk apocalypse of impotence and fever

The seven seals have been opened

Hell on earth

Disdain and ignorance our eternal food to live on
Track Name: Harbinger of Decay
We travel as dust besmeared with sluttish time
In silent apparel that eats at the prime

Countdown to death
Chronometer filled with breath

Corporeal weakness, Bastille of the damned
En-shadowed by timelessness closely to hand

Countdown to death
Chronometer filled with breath

Harbinger of decay
Endless time keeper
Free my mind from your grains of sand
Harbinger of decay
Endless time keeper
Free my mind from holding on
to what was never mine
In time we’ll sleep this world away

Asserted by frailties grip on the past
Forgiveness becomes Sisyphean so fast

Countdown to death
Chronometer filled with breath

Unravelled, unknowing and brittle of bone
We carry our heartache and love to the stone.
Track Name: Hypnotise the Masses
Hand to mouth as were forced into darkness
we stumble but carry the seed
Those high above us
as gods never loved us
cavort in their filth as we bleed
the new frontier is our battle ground “vive la liberté “
In chains is no way to live
We’ll never forget or forgive

battle cries in the distance
breathe the air, and begin
board your doors and your windows
But we are still coming in

Think like a slave and you will not ever be free
we struggle in silence
Rise from the grave fist in the air just to be
we struggle in silence from birth
They hypnotise the masses
They hypnotise the world
To struggle in silence from birth
No more!

Flag waving culture empowers oppressors
That live lives Égalité free
So go ban the question, the reason and action
Enjoying your new slavery
Howl at the night for an angry fix
“vive la liberté “
In chains is no way to live
We’ll never forget or forgive

Take him away, Take him away
The reading of books leads the people astray
Bring in Montag and his men, wont you burn the place clean
How many souls in the memory hole?
Doublethink hatelove and freedomcontrol
101 reasons stored here to bend at the knee

Heavens been tearing the skin at the rock
Give me fire over jewels any day
I beg no assistance or petty resistance
Just thinking of humanity
I own a flag that is one for all
“vive la liberté “
In chains is no way to live
We’ll never forget or forgive
Track Name: Gates of Sanity
Shadows of night suffocating the light
Hiding the stalking decay
Imbalance of will,
Youth that kill for the thrill,
This concrete gulag chokes its prey,

Could you sleep now?
Could you dream now?

Screams far away are getting closer each day,
Eat in to your soul, rot your soul,
As if just to taunt or evil to flaunt,
Surrounding the weak just for fun

The gates are open,
I'm getting further from my memory,
Its coming back from inside of the gates of sanity

The damned never learn and our city will burn,
It screams out in pain everyday,
A husk of the past,
Paradise never lasts,
Instilled schadenfreude betrays

A woman cries into the night,
another soul is lost to might,
concrete grey and blood red sky,
This cities sound will never leave my mind

i sit and i watch as my home it is lost,
I hold the new dawn in my arms,
Our futures to write and our foes we must fight,
hoping the son clears the sky

I've got a feeling I'm leaving this mind and soul behind
Track Name: All Is Lost
If gods a witness then be a witness
Im going for a walk
through reflection to redemption
ive lost time and love on talk
please release me, i’ve never been me
never to belong
make this mean something because

all is lost
the world just stays the same
when all is lost
your world just stays the same

Your words unfold me, denial scolds me
Not a person any more
Pack my feelings with lack of meaning
How can you not love your flesh and blood?
You love the one upon the cross
See him bleeding, my heart is beating

No mom!
No Dad!
I'll never be the son you had
I’m yearning to be free
You’ll never ever hear the end of me

No more, that’s right I’ve got the will inside to fight
Stand up and make a mark
Be a light that guides you through the dark

Not covered up
Never regret
Never again masquerading

- Dedicated to Leelah Alcorn
Track Name: The Love of a Dying God
The filth that’s spilling out of your mouth
Excusing all the words you betray
End of days
A lie to keep the helpless in line
A fearful little seed in your mind

We're facing a relentless attack

inside out
Choking on the life that I saved
inside out
I’m choking

We will take the innocent
In arms we'll feed them ignorance
for love
(for the love of a dying god)

The father of the cowardly right
Feeding on the grief that you sell
Repeating words
You never understood anyway
Occur with every word that you say
Track Name: Sorrow Made Flesh
I’ve got eternity to look inside of me
I'll use this prison cell to let this fucker go
I drowned in a world
Wine and pleasure full
Suffering is one long lonely moment

I’ve become sorrow made flesh
with the prison that is freeing me

I define my home by the depths from which I’m rising
I will return like a drunk whore Jesus wrapped in plastic

The bowing of unknowns in hate filled shallow homes
I keep locked up inside for only me to know
Threw myself in deep
Nothing real to keep
I'll wear this as a badge of me growing

I look upon the moon my head and heart attune
I’ll sleep under the stars
My mind wrapped up in verse
Never deny it
Fame will not hide it
The bitterness is ever subsiding
Track Name: Death Be Thy Shepherd
Can you hear the death knell

Of his design

I drink of the fallen's impertinent wine

I wash with the ichor of innocent lives

Surround my body with marble white swine

Fuelled by this demon that lives deep inside

I’ve been burning in pain all this time

I can’t hold it back any more

No more

Your life and soul are mine

Carnal atrocities fed by thy will

licentious desires sanguine at the thrill

Forever denouncing the plague from her womb

Revile at the words of the lamb in the tomb

Death be thy shepherd and hell be thy name

Reaping the cattle

Forever, collecting blood spilt in my name

Witness the horror

People are dying

People are crying out

I am the countess, the scythe and mortician
I have the power of utter perdition
You eat the flesh, I eat the whore
My life’s a harvest I always want more

The burning depth
bewitcher of the weak
The chosen one
Debased of sympathy
The libertine
The serpent of the free
complexion built on death